5 Vitral Tips For tourism industry video content

5 Vital Tips For Tourism Industry Video Content

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In 2014, Google conducted a study in association with Ipsos MediaCT to break down the use of video in the travel industry.


“2 out of 3 US consumers watch online travel videos when they are thinking about taking a trip.” – (Google Via Ipsos MediaCT)


The study brought to light many interesting findings. We have taken the time to narrow it down into the top 5 that your travel business should be focused on.


1) People search for destinations on YouTube and for specific brands on Google.

 So what does this mean for you? When creating content for the web, be sure to include the area and activities your product or service resides in, particularly in video. Partnerships should be a large part of this. What brands can you involve that would also benefit from your media activities? The involvement of other businesses expands your reach to their networks as well.


2) Who is your traveler?

 It makes a difference when deciding the content to produce. Travelers 25-64 make up a large portion of people looking for travel/tour footage and official branded channels. Providing the best content for this group consists of a more professional look and feel, showing the main tourist attractions, accommodations, and services.

Adversely, Travelers 18-24 are looking for a more personal connection through the activities of a travel blogger. Content for this market should be inspiring and through the activities of one person that is experiencing all that the destination, accommodation, or service has to offer. They want a more human, unpolished connection.


3) What else are your customers interested in?

It is not all about the destination. Travel enthusiasts are:

18x more likely to watch videos on restaurants

10x more likely to watch videos on spas and beauty services

5x more likely to watch videos on finance, extreme sports, food and drink.

Do not overlook this. In your content speak to some of these activities. If you are a hotel, highlight restaurants and spa’s close by to your establishment. Speak to the economics of staying at your hotel due to the proximity.


4) Look for Subscribers, Not Views

 Many travelers are looking for connections to what they view, and the best metric for this is through subscriptions. This says that your content has resonated so much with them that they are waiting for more. Not to mention the retention rate of a subscriber watching a video is 86% longer. How do you get more subscribers? Build content that becomes episodic, build anticipation for the next video, create storylines that progress through videos, and be consistent. Don’t be afraid to ask for your viewer to subscribe!


5) Invite engagement

 No matter what you are selling, you are also selling an experience. Video in particular provides a close human interaction with its viewers. Invite viewers to participate in conversations or ask questions. Respond in both comments and in newer videos. This will provide a strong connection with your audience who now see you as not only an amazing destination but an inviting and obtainable one as well.

Video can be one of the most beneficial aspects of your marketing plan, but if poorly executed, will float around aimlessly on the internet. If you follow the 5 suggestions above, you will no doubt be happy with the results.



Think With Google: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/articles/travel-content-takes-off-on-youtube.html





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