Champoeg State Park Rickety Bike Ride

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If you know me, you know that I am an active gentleman of many active interests. I do not commit fully to one but instead spread my skills around to a variety of vocations…. basically, I have too many hobbies and not enough money to get the top notch equipment. I think that always brings more to the adventure. “Will I make it all the way?” is not only just about personal stamina but about resourcefulness and mechanical skill. Problem solving is of the utmost importance.

Luckily for Kelsey and I, the bike held up despite the obvious signs of self destruction. Not much more to say than that a beautiful bike ride was had by all and we were only almost run off of the road on a couple of occasions.

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Promoting Wellness Through Story

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About Kenzai

User Experience Example

The total project included over 60 videos. The videos are broken into three categories: User stories, Company Overviews and cooking techniques. We created these videos to increase user experience. The promotional stories and company overview videos are effectively retaining viewers and converting to customers. The average retention rate per video stands at 82%.


  • Project sales
  • Project coordination
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Concept
  • Storyboarding
  • Production (Video, Audio, Directing)
  • Post-Production (edit, animation)
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Building an Audience of 100,000


Series Trailer


  • Creating initial promotional material (design and copy writing)
  • Creating concept, production, financial and distribution plan
  • Selling sponsorship spots
  • Securing talent
  • Scheduling travel arrangements
  • Production (video, audio, directing)
  • Editing (animation, editing)
  • Writing press releases
  • Upload and distribution through media channels


  • Obtained 5 sponsors
  • Viewed over 100,000 times

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Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


Road Trip! California From Some Time Before

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The wind from the beach was constantly playing with our hair as we drove away from the bay area in California. Our exploration was not experienced merrily through the bug splattered windshield but by various stops with a short walk, some stretching and the inevitable curiosity getting the better of us. The timeline was not an issue and what else should one be doing on a road trip?




























Product Photography: Look Book Photos For House Of Jind

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They have arrived! Custom shoes amazingly designed by House of Jind. When is the last time you had something custom made for you? Most likely not recently. With mass production it just does not seem worth it. When it comes down to your shoes, however, it seems like it is the best investment one could make and why not walk in style at the same time? These shoes are built for comfort and the look you deserve. More comfy than walking on kittens (and more humane). Casual but stylish, custom and high end.



We had a great time walking the streets of Portland. Fire escapes and alley ways seemed to be the biggest pull. We were looking for the nooks and crannies that make Portland unique.

I do enjoy this style quite a bit. We where able to take it out of the high end traditional look and place it more into upper end street wear. In either case make sure your socks look superb! IMG_9629IMG_9597IMG_9591IMG_9536IMG_9526IMG_0034IMG_0015 IMG_0001Again it was a pleasure working with House of Jind and I can’t wait for my new pair! I look forward to seeing more of you gracing feet of the world.


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Work Anywhere – The three things that will help you be productive and the one ultimate thing that will make you succeed.


More and more people are choosing to work remotely over a higher paycheck. All that you hear about working from home or your favorite coffee shop is true, but it comes at a cost.

When I graduated college, I was extremely excited to fly directly to Portland, Maine to film with my first client. I was on the job 24/7, producing same day edits — eight total videos over ten travel days. It was exhilarating and exhausting. I worked from everywhere: the beach, coffee shops, bakeries, parks, living rooms. I was extremely productive.

Needless to say when I arrived back in Portland, Oregon I had to rest before getting back to work. After recharging, the next week was filled with a number of small tasks without a pressing deadline.

The pitfalls of working from anywhere finally hit home. I began waking up at 10am thinking I could just work later or over the weekend. I spent my days playing on the internet, working with the TV on, and casually shopping for every meal. Tasks that should have taken me a couple of days to finish took me four or five days to complete. What finally ended it all was the realization that I was not accomplishing anything. These are the three things and the one ultimate thing that have made me more productive while working remotely.


1) Create a consistent sleep pattern. 

For me that was as simple as planning out when I was going to wake up and when to go to bed. Too many times had I fallen into the trap of binge watching House Of Cards or pushing so much of my work into the early hours of the morning. It was hard to do at first, but once I had a sleep pattern underway I felt energized throughout the day.

2) Most people are at the peak of their productivity for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Use this knowledge! You can utilize this any way you want but for me I found an amazing app called <a href=””>30/30</a> that kept me on track. I set a timer for 30 minutes at a time with a designated task. During those 30 minutes, I try to get as much done as possible. When I see the clock, it is more of a motivator — “keep it going! only 5 min left until a break!” After the 30 minutes,I  take a 5 minute break. I go to the bathroom, walk around, step outside. I repeat this throughout the day, and I guarantee if you do this you will get more done in a day than you ever thought you could before.

3) Grocery shop, for god’s sake

You have a fridge at home. It is there to be your own personal mini-restaurant of sorts. Don’t waste your time thinking about what you want to eat, then going to the store or cafe, order, eat, then driving back home. It is a waste of time and ruins your work flow.

4) Have an  “Always Changing Mega LIST OF EVERYTHING”

I have saved the most important thing for last; the thing that has helped me the most throughout my time working remotely. Because I work from so many places at varying times, there has been one constant that has kept me not only sane but productive as well.  This constant is a list — a list of to-do’s. Not just any to-do list though. This list is always changing in content and order. This is how the ultimate to-do list works:

-Make a to-do list of EVERYTHING, all the way down to laundry and dishes. Not only for that day but  that week, that month, that year.

-Now, break it into what is most important. Work down that list throughout the day. When you find yourself in a situation were you have some time but not enough to do what is next on the list,  just pick the next objective that would fit into that time period.

Having this list has saved me many times when plans have changed or a meeting has moved last-minute and I have already driven a half an hour to a coffee shop.

Instead of getting frustrated in these situations, I  take a second and look at my list. What makes sense to get done in this moment? This tactic has reduced my internet browsing time and reduced my frustration, as well.

I will say it one more time: If there is one thing that can make you the most productive at working remotely, it is the list.