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Exploring Oregon One Video at a Time

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The shear destruction from the 1980’s eruption of Mt. St. Helens can leave you feeling insignificant. The resilience of the surrounding forrest can still give you hope however. This massive volcano has major scarring from times past but it also has produced some of the most unique and awe inspiring scenery. Thought to be an area where Bigfoot has been seen. The Ape Canyon cuts through the south side of the mountain. The excitement of the exploration helped overcome any feelings of being watched by a large ape human creature.

I don’t understand why but my favorite shoes have been these adidas skate shoes that I seem to take everywhere. This hike was no exception.  McNeil Point Oregon sits about 2/3rds the way to the top of Mt. Hood. throughout the hike the feeling of constantly being lost was trumped by the scale of the mountain. there was no wrong direction as we reached the snow level that thought process seemed to hold true as the footprints weaved in and out of each other up the side of the ridge. Regardless we pushed on through the snow and up the crumbling rock. Right when the trail seemed to pitter out we pushed through the trees in front only to be spit out on McNeil Point its self.

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Bringing a mini bike to the table. Sometimes you just have to get outside and play! Get out and explore your trails! This one just happened to be just outside of Estacada Oregon. Fish Creek.

There is only so much time I can stay inside during the rainy season in Oregon. It seems to go on forever and there is only so much entertainment I can get from sipping coffee, reading, and watching movies. I get antsy. What To Do When It Rains In Oregon?

Today seemed like it was the breaking point. Kelsey and I grabbed our rain coats and jumped in the truck with the conclusion that we would go to the closest, mind-blowing natural formations we could find. 20 minutes later, we were at the base of the Horsetail Falls trail.

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