Engaging And Converting: A Travel Industry VR Opportunity

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I feel obligated to interject that a pair of Google’s vr headset Google Cardboard is only $7.39. Wholesale as low as $0.01 on Alibaba.  all that is needed past that is a phone with an accelerometer (in most smart phones). This creates a travel industry VR opportunity.


Let your customers experience your country, hotel, or restaurant before they book. Experience events or tease them with shows. Let your customer go where they could not go normally.

Talk to your customer in a fully immersed platform with their entire attention devoted to the experience you have to provide. The viewer will be enclosed in your world, remind them to put headphones on and now they have no distractions and you have their full attention. Use it wisely.


Not only within the VR world but branding on a cardboard form of the goggles as well. Give your customers a physical que of the experience they had in VR. Remind them that it was you that gave them that experience, and entice them to experience it in real life, or share it with friends. Give them a link to purchase during the experience after the experience and on the goggles itself. Remember to hold something back that so they will be craving to know what happens, how it feels in real life, or what is through the next door.


This is a new and exciting world. The barrier to entry has dropped dramatically, and the PR accessibility around the subject is at an all time high. If there was ever a time to jump into a new advertising space it would be now.


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