Out past a tourist trap town, what would you find?

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Sisters, Oregon, a place I had grown to know for its random western charm and unavoidable 20mph speed limit. This small town is home to the biggest quilt festival and home to our Airbnb for the weekend. On our arrival, it seemed as touristy as ever, with scenes of wide-eyed middle-aged mothers dragging their phone-attached entourage into yet another faux western store on every corner.

As Siri directed us through town, it was only a matter of time before we realized that the place we had booked was “off-the-beaten-path” to say the least. Passing the last kitschy storefront, we continued into the suburbs that quickly gave way to forest and, without much notice, an unpaved road.

The red rock gravel road slowed us to a break neck speed of 15 mph. It was several miles before a small house caught my eye as we passed under a large gateway of treated logs. Two dogs ran up to the car from both directions, and then we saw the main house.


Are you into hiking? The house butts up next to miles of nature preserve. What about rock climbing? The house was accompanied by a small climbing pillar set for multiple levels of skill. A relaxing book more your cup of tea? The house was 15 meters from a cliffside overlooking a valley with only the sound of birds and the faint trickle of the river below.


Most importantly, there is the hot tub. As night fell we were able to soak and look up to see the stars, many of which had been forgotten, suffocated into obscurity by the city’s fast burning glow. From the speed limit to the quiet of the forested abode, we were forced to physically and mentally slow down; an abrupt but welcomed state of relaxation.



If you are in the area of Sisters, Oregon, this is a place where you can be certain to escape. Be aware, however, that the owner is allergic to any synthetic smells. You are not allowed to have any perfumes, detergents, deodorants inside the house. She is a wonderful woman — warm, welcoming and wildly enthusiastic about the area, so please adhere to her small request. Click here for the Airbnb Listing and more photos!

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