Product Photography: Look Book Photos For House Of Jind

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They have arrived! Custom shoes amazingly designed by House of Jind. When is the last time you had something custom made for you? Most likely not recently. With mass production it just does not seem worth it. When it comes down to your shoes, however, it seems like it is the best investment one could make and why not walk in style at the same time? These shoes are built for comfort and the look you deserve. More comfy than walking on kittens (and more humane). Casual but stylish, custom and high end.



We had a great time walking the streets of Portland. Fire escapes and alley ways seemed to be the biggest pull. We were looking for the nooks and crannies that make Portland unique.

I do enjoy this style quite a bit. We where able to take it out of the high end traditional look and place it more into upper end street wear. In either case make sure your socks look superb! IMG_9629IMG_9597IMG_9591IMG_9536IMG_9526IMG_0034IMG_0015 IMG_0001Again it was a pleasure working with House of Jind and I can’t wait for my new pair! I look forward to seeing more of you gracing feet of the world.


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